Home Ribbon

You can change balloons and note appearances, and export and publish reports using tools on the Home ribbon.

View Appearance

View Background Color Specifies the background color of a CAD file.
Tree Text Color Changes the tree structure color of a CAD file.

The tree structure contains items such as parts, sheets, and views.

Balloon Appearance

Balloon Text Size  
  Balloon Text Size Unit  
Balloon Text Color  
Balloon Border Color  
Balloon Color  
  Fit Specifies the number of digits in balloons.
  Balloon Shape  
Location Specifies the position of the balloon around the characteristic.
Leader Line Adds leader lines to balloons.
Leader Line Color  
Balloon Sequence Specifies the starting number for balloons.


Lock Balloons Locks the balloons in place so you cannot move them.
Select Exits an active tool and returns to select mode.


Opens the Options dialog box.


3DPDF Saves 3D models as 3D PDF files.
2DPDF Publishes a ballooned drawing as a PDF file.
Excel Exports the ballooned inspection characteristics to an inspection report in Microsoft® Excel®.
Default XML Publishes an inspection project to an .xml file.
CAMS XML Publishes an inspection project to an .xml file formatted for import into CAMS.
Verisurf Publishes an inspection project to an .xml file formatted for import into Verisurf Software.
Net-Inspect Exports the inspection project data to Net-Inspect.


These tools are for Measurements Input in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional.

Add Column Adds columns to the Measurements Input table.
Delete Column Removes columns from the Measurements Input table.
QuickMeasure Lets you quickly enter measurements data into Measurements Input fields.