Using the Template Editor

To use the Template Editor:

  1. Click File > Template Editor.
  2. In the Select an inspection sheet template dialog box, open a template.
  3. Use Microsoft® Excel® to modify the template, for example by changing color, font, borders, adding images such as logos, or adding advanced functions such as conditional formatting, formulas, macros, and lookup tables.
  4. In the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template Editor dialog box:
    1. Specify options.
    2. Specify a token to map to the report template.
    3. In the Microsoft Excel template, click the cell where you want to map the token.
    4. Click Insert.
    5. Repeat steps b through d for the remaining tokens.
    6. Click Finished.
  5. In the Save your inspection template dialog box, enter data and click Save.
    Example of a report with values populated from an SOLIDWORKS Inspection project: