Building SOLIDWORKS Models from ECAD Files in Batch Mode

You can schedule a task in SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to build multiple ECAD files as SOLIDWORKS solid models.

The ability to build solid models from ECAD files in batch mode saves you time by letting you schedule the task to run when the system is not in use.

This option is available only on client machines with CircuitWorks licenses.

To build SOLIDWORKS models from ECAD files in batch mode:

  1. In Windows, click Start > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.
  2. Click Build ECAD Files on the sidebar or Tasks > Build ECAD Files.
  3. In the Build ECAD Files dialog box:
    1. Under Task files or folders, use the Add File and Add Folder buttons to select the files or folders to build.
    2. Under Task schedule, set the Running mode to specify how often the task runs and set the Start time and Start date.
    3. Click Finish.
The task is stored in a macro and runs at the scheduled time. The task stores the completed SOLIDWORKS models in \ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\CircuitWorks\AssemblyModels. You can modify this location from the Models page of the CircuitWorks Options dialog box.

When the task is complete, a .txt file reports the results of the build task for your review. When you close the report, this file is saved in \ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\CircuitWorks.