Enabling the SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

To enable the SOLIDWORKS PDM integration:

  1. From the PDM page of the CircuitWorks Options - PDM dialog box, select Check SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault for latest files and optionally specify a Vault View Name.
    If you are not already logged into SOLIDWORKS PDM, you are prompted to log in.
    The path to the SOLIDWORKS PDM local vault view must be the same for each machine accessing the CircuitWorks Component Library.
  2. On the Models options page, set the Component Library Components folder to the appropriate SOLIDWORKS PDM local vault view folder.
    The Component Library Database must be in a shared location outside the vault. The Boards and Outlines locations can optionally be in the vault depending on whether these models are shared.
  3. To migrate CircuitWorks components created before using SOLIDWORKS PDM:
    1. Copy CircuitWorks component files from the old Component Library location to the new local vault view location.
    2. Using SOLIDWORKS PDM, check the component files into the vault.