Prerequisites for Building User Defined Routes

Before you create a route subassembly:
  • Review the routing system options and ensure that you have the part documents available.
  • Store these part documents in the Routing Library.
Ensure that you have the following items:
  • Rectangular duct routing:
    • Rectangular duct parts
    • Fittings (bends, corners, reducers, duct ends, tees, crosses, and other fittings)
    • Routing Hardware
  • Circular duct routing:
    • Circular duct parts
    • Fittings (elbows, crosses, reducers, tees, square-round duct parts, and other fittings)
    • Routing Hardware

If you insert the starting fitting as a component of the route subassembly or the main assembly, select or clear Automatically route on drop of flanges/connectors.

When selected, this option creates a new route subassembly and starts a route when you drop a routing component (such as a duct end or duct fitting) into an assembly. The duct end or duct fitting becomes a component of the new route subassembly.