Creating a Cable Tray or Duct

To create a cable tray or duct:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Insert the following into the main assembly by clicking Insert Component (Assembly toolbar) or by dragging them from the Design Library, the File Explorer, an open part window, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, or Windows Explorer.
    • Start a route by creating a connection point on a plane. Click the Start at Point command from the Routing toolbar (User Defined Routes).
    The component where the route starts remains part of the main assembly and is not included as part of the route subassembly.
  2. Insert cable tray fittings to create the cable tray assembly.
  3. Set options in the Route Properties PropertyManager, then click .
    The new route subassembly appears in the FeatureManager design tree as [CableTray <n>-<assembly_name>].
    If the order of the steps is reversed in step 2 above, the name of the new route subassembly is [Harness <n>-<assembly_name>].

    You can also create electrical ducts using this procedure.