Creating an Electrical Route through Cable Tray or Duct

To create an electrical route through cable tray or duct:

  1. Insert a cable tray or duct.
  2. Insert electrical connectors at openings of the cable tray.
  3. Sketch the path between components on each side and the CPoint of the Cable Tray using any combination of the following methods:
    • Use Auto Route to generate splines.
    • Sketch lines Tool_Line_Sketch.gif, splines Tool_Spline_Sketch.gif and fillets Tool_Sketch_Fillet_Sketch.gif using 3D sketch tools and join the two end-points of connectors and cable tray with the 3D sketch entity.
    Electrical Routes are generated from the connector's endpoint and the cable tray's CPoint.
    To make the connection points visible, click View Routing Points (View toolbar ) or View > Hide/Show > Routing Points .
  4. Drag additional connectors and routing hardware into the route subassembly as needed.
    As each connector is added to the route, a short stub is added to the sketch (from the connector's CPoint.
    You can also create electrical duct routes using this procedure.