Adding a Connection Point

To add a connection point:

  1. Create a sketch point to use for locating the connection point.
    The location of the connection point defines the end of the adjoining routing segment; that is, the point where the pipe, tube or wiring begins or ends.
  2. Click Create Connection Point tool_Connection_Point_Routing.gif (Routing Tools toolbar) or Tools > Routing > Routing Tools > Create Connection Point.
    To create a connection point on a cylindrical feature, select the flat face of the feature. You do not need to create a sketch point first.

    The Connection Point PropertyManager appears.

  3. Edit properties in the PropertyManager.
  4. Click PM_OK.gif.
Repeat this process for fittings that support multiple CPoints. To create an assembly connection point, create the connection point in the part. Then in the assembly, select the CPoint from the part. An assembly connection point always copies the characteristics of an existing part connection point.