Document Properties - Grid/Snap

You can display a sketch grid in an active sketch or drawing and set options for the grid display and snap functionality. Available for all document types.


The options for grid spacing and minor grid lines per major lines apply to the rulers in drawings as well as to sketching and drawing grid lines.

To set grid and snap options for the active document:

Click Grid/Snap (Sketch toolbar) or click Options and on the Document Properties tab, select Grid/Snap.

Display grid Turns the sketch grid on or off.
Dash Toggles between solid and dashed grid lines.
Automatic scaling Automatically adjusts the display of the grid when you zoom in and out.
Major grid spacing Specifies the space between major grid lines.
Minor-lines per major Specifies the number of minor grid lines between major grid lines.
Snap points per minor Sets the number of snap points between minor grid lines.
You can set the options for grid line colors from the Color scheme settings list in System Options > Colors.