Break Corner/Corner-Trim PropertyManager

To open the Break Corner/Corner-Trim PropertyManager:

  1. Create a sheet metal part.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Break-Corner/Corner-Trim Tool_Break_Corner_Trim_Sheet_Metal.gif (Sheet Metal toolbar) or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Break Corner.
    • Click Corner-Trim Tool_Corner_Trim_Sheet_Metal.gif (Sheet Metal toolbar) or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Corner Trim.

Break Corner Options

Use the Break Corner tool with folded sheet metal parts.

In the Break Corner PropertyManager, set the following:

PM_parameters.gif Corner Edges and/or Flange Faces Select corner edges or flange faces to break. You can select both simultaneously.
  Collect all corners (Available in flattened sheet metal parts.) Selects all corners.
  Internal corners only (Available in flattened sheet metal parts.) Selects only internal corners to break.
  Break type Select one of the following:

Chamfer PM_shm_Chamfer.gif

Distance dim_lin_d.png

Value for the corner_edge_chamfer_shm.gifchamfer distance.

Fillet PM_shm_Fillet.gif


Radius PM_Radius.gif

Value for the fillet radius.

Relief Options

Use the Corner-Trim tool with flattened sheet metal parts.

In the Corner-Trim PropertyManager, set the following:

Corner edges Select corner edges to apply relief cuts.
  Collect all corners Selects all inside corners.
  Relief type Select one of the following:





Bend Waist


With Relief set to:
  • Circular or Bend Waist set a value for Radius dim_lin_d.png.
  • Square set a value for Side length dim_lin_d.png.
  Centered on bend lines Adds corner cuts centered relative to the bend lines with Relief set to Circular or Square.
corner_trim_centered_bend_shm.gif corner_trim_bend_shm.gif
Selected Cleared
  Ratio to thickness Sets a ratio between the Radius or Side length and the sheet metal thickness.
The ratio uses the value you set for the Radius or Side length. Clear Ratio to thickness if you want to change the Radius or Side length.
  Tangent to bend Adds corner cuts that are tangent to the bend lines when Centered on bend lines is selected.
  Add filleted corners Adds a fillet with a user-defined Radius PM_Radius.gif to selected Corner edges.
For convenience, you can add material when the sheet metal part is flattened.