Smart Fasteners Hardware Stacks

Smart Fasteners do not automatically add nuts or washers to fasteners. You add them in the Smart Fasteners PropertyManager. Each Group of fasteners has an associated Top Stack (washers added under the head of the fastener) and Bottom Stack (washers and nuts added to the end of the fastener).

See Toolbox Help: Toolbox - Smart Fasteners to select or clear these options:

  • Change fastener length to ensure minimum thread engagement.
  • Change stack components when fastener size is changed.

Adding Washers Under a Bolt Head

To add washers under a bolt head:

  1. Right-click Smart Fastener in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Smart Fastener.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Results, select the Group to which you want to add a washer.
  3. Under Series Components, select a washer in Add to Top Stack.
    The washer is added to Top Stack .
  4. If you want to add other sizes or types of washers to Top Stack, select more components from the list.
    If you add more than one type of washer, the first is next to the bolted surface, and the subsequent washers are added toward the bolt head.
    In this example, the large washer was added first, and then the smaller washer.

    To remove a component from the stack, right-click it in Top Stack and select Delete.

Adding Nuts and Washers at the End of a Bolt

To add nuts and washers at the end of a bolt:

  1. Under Series Components, select a component in Add to Bottom Stack.
    The component is added to Bottom Stack .
  2. Select more components as needed. Add washers first, and the nut last.
    The hardware appears in order from the bolted surface toward the end of the bolt.
    In this example, two small washers were added first, and then the nut.