Unsupported Hole Types

Smart Fasteners insert fasteners into series of holes in assemblies.

  • Holes must be a supported type.
  • Not all hole types are supported by Smart Fasteners. Unsupported hole types include:
    • Single holes
    • Misaligned holes
    • Multi-boundary extrudes
    • Imported parts and bodies
    • Derived parts and bodies, such as those created by:
      • Move/Copy Body
      • Split Part
      • Pattern Body
      • Insert Part
Smart Fasteners do recognize holes created by mirroring features, faces, or bodies in a part. Smart Fasteners also recognize holes created when you use Insert > Mirror Part or Insert > Mirror Components to create an opposite-hand version of a part that contains valid holes.

Single Holes

The hole must pass through at least two components.

Unsupported Supported

Multi-boundary Extrudes

A base extrude with inside circles appears to form holes. Although geometrically identical to holes, they are not separate features, and are not recognized by Smart Fasteners.

Holes from Imported or Derived Parts

If holes in an imported part or derived base part come from the parent part, they are not recognized by Smart Fasteners. However, holes you put into imported or derived parts are recognized because they are separate features.

Misaligned Holes

Holes are unsupported if they are misaligned. If Smart Fasteners do not insert a fastener into a hole series that appears aligned and is otherwise appropriate, use Hole Alignment to check for a small geometric misalignment.