Comparison of Components Suppression States

  Resolved Lightweight Suppressed Hidden
Loaded in memory Yes Partially No Yes
Visible Yes Yes No No
Features available in FeatureManager design tree Yes No No No
Faces and edges accessible for adding mates Yes Yes No No
Mates solved Yes Yes No Yes
In-context features solved Yes 1 Yes No Yes
Assembly features solved Yes Yes No Yes
Considered in global operations 2 Yes Yes 3 No Yes
May be edited in-context Yes Yes 4 No No
Load and rebuild speed Normal Faster Faster Normal
Display speed Normal Normal Faster Faster

1 In-context features on resolved parts that reference lightweight parts update automatically.

2 Global operations include Mass Properties, Interference Detection, Exploded View, Advanced Selection and Advanced Show/Hide, solving equations, displaying section views, and exporting to other file formats.

3 When exporting to other file formats and when solving equations that involve lightweight components, the software prompts you to either resolve lightweight components or cancel the operation.

4 Lightweight components are resolved automatically when selected for this operation.