Component Name and Description Dialog Box

You can use the Component Name and Description dialog box to specify display options for the FeatureManager design tree.

To access these options, right-click the part or assembly name in the FeatureManager design tree and click Tree Display > Component Name and Description.

The dialog box contains these options:
  • Component Name

    Displays component names.

  • Component Description

    Displays component descriptions.

    By default, component descriptions do not show as the descriptions are the same as the component names.

    To display a component description:
    • Specify a new component description on the Custom tab of the Properties dialog box.
    • Select Description for Custom property used as custom description on the General page of the System Options.

( Secondary )
  • Configuration Name

    Displays the configuration name of the component.

  • Component Description

    Displays the component description.

  • Configuration Description

    Displays the configuration description of the component.

    By default, configuration descriptions do not show as the descriptions are the same as the configuration names.

    To display configuration descriptions, you must specify new configuration descriptions by opening the Configuration Properties PropertyManager from the Configuration tab.

< Tertiary >
  • Display State Name

    Shows the display state for the selected configuration.

Do not show Configuration or Display State name if only one exists Suppresses the configuration and display state names when there is only one configuration.
Name Preview Displays the component name based on the selected options.