Application Programming Interface

See SOLIDWORKS API Help: Release Notes for late-breaking updates.


There is API support for:

  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection Add-In
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Web
  • Belt/chain assembly features
  • Structure systems
  • Graphics mesh and mesh BREP bodies


The following have been redesigned:

  • Sheet metal base flange and corner relief features
  • Messages and alerts for add-ins

Other Enhancements

  • Replace a sketch entity with construction or contour geometry
  • Get all decals applied to a component face in an assembly
  • Get and set drawing sheet zone parameters
  • Get angular ordinate dimension information from the current drawing sheet or view
  • Restore default values of Hole Wizard hole or slot feature data
  • Upgrade legacy custom properties
  • Create a coordinate system based on position and orientation relative to the global coordinate system
  • Add doubled distance dimensions and toggle between single and doubled distance dimensions
  • Get and set whether to use the properties of the material applied when creating a new sheet metal feature
  • For SOLIDWORKS Connected:
    • Add new Physical Products and Representations (configurations) to SOLIDWORKS Connected models
    • Convert between parent and derived configurations
    • Get and set whether a Representation configuration is shared
    • Add and replace assembly components from a 3DEXPERIENCE® collaborative space