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Unarchiving opens and extracts data from an archive file. This data is compared with existing data.


Archive files can be identified by their extension.

  • .TEWZIP: Environmental archive file

  • .PROJ.TEWZIP: Electrical project archive file

  • .SYMB.TEWZIP: Symbol archive file

  • .TITLE.TEWZIP: Title block archive file

  • .MACRO.TEWZIP: Macro archive file

  • .PARTS.TEWZIP: Manufacturer part archive file

  • .CABLE.TEWZIP: Cable reference archive file

  • .CONIG.TEWZIP: Configuration archive file

Files must be unarchived from the relevant Management dialog box. (See the Archive section.)


The information in this chapter is common to all archive files, except for the electrical projects. See Unarchive electrical project for more information.


Select Unarchive to open the unarchiving wizard, where you can manage the data to unarchive. This wizard is similar to the update data wizard.

On the Selection tab, check the data to import.


The unpacking wizard compares the data to be unarchived to the existing data. You can then choose an action for each data type.


Use the Shift, Ctrl, or Ctrl+A keys to apply the same action types to multiple items.


Right-click the line to open a menu that displays the element properties.


Add: Adds the data because it does not exist in the current installation.

Replace: Overwrites the existing data with the latest version.

Do nothing: Retains the existing information. New data is not added.

Keep both: Retains the existing information and adds the new information with a new name.

Update: Updates the catalog references. This option is only valid for manufacturer catalogs (cables and materials).


A default action type is suggested based on the following:

- New data is marked as add.

- If existing data created by the user, has been modified by the user, it is marked as replace.

- If existing data created by the software editor (system), has been modified by the user, it is marked as do nothing.

- If data exists and you have not changed it, but the new file or files are marked as updated by the software editor (system), it is marked as replace.

- Catalogs of cables and equipment are marked update.

Data types

Symbols - title blocks - SOLIDWORKS files: The wizard displays the element titles, descriptions, modification date, and the name of the user who created/modified the current elements. If you want to keep an existing element and install the latest version of the same element, SOLIDWORKS Electrical gives a different name to the new element.

Cables and manufacturer catalogs: The catalogs are managed in their entirety, including all references. When a reference is not present, it is automatically added. When a reference exists and you have modified it, the new reference is not installed. When the reference exists, and you have not modified it, but it has been updated by the software editor (system), the new reference is automatically installed, overwriting the existing reference.

Electrical project templates: Only models that are new or modified (different modification dates) are installed. Models that you created are kept.

Report configurations: Report configurations that you created or modified are kept. Configurations that the software editor (system) created or modified are automatically installed.

ERP database: The update wizard updates the database that was provided with the software. The database will not be updated if you changed it.

Configuration files: Only configuration files that are new or modified (different modification dates) are installed. Configuration files that you created are kept.

Palettes: Only palettes that are new or modified (different modification dates) are installed. Palettes that you created are kept.

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