Edit Multiple Local Interactions PropertyManager

You can select multiple contact sets of the same type to modify their common type properties, or you can convert multiple contact sets of different types to a common in one step.

To open the Edit Multiple Local Interactions PropertyManager:

  • Under the Contact Sets folder, select at least two contact sets, right-click, and click Edit Definition.

The interaction settings of the first contact set in the list applies to all selected contact sets. The table lists the interaction pairs that are admissible for conversion.

  Bonded Contact Free Shrink Fit Virtual Wall
Bonded Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Contact Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Free Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Shrink Fit Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Virtual Wall N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes
  Thermal Resistance (Thermal) Insulated (Thermal) Bonded (Thermal)
Thermal Resistance (Thermal) Yes Yes Yes
Insulated (Thermal) Yes Yes Yes
Bonded (Thermal) Yes Yes Yes

If you select mixed contact sets (for example, a virtual wall and a contact) that are not eligible for a conversion to a common interaction type, the software prompts you for a corrective action.

  Selected items Lists the contact sets that are selected for editing.
  Type If you have selected a combination of contact set types, three asterisks (***) are shown under Type. Select from the drop down menu the common interaction type to apply to the selected items.