Results Equation Plot PropertyManager

For static studies, you can create result plots that are defined with equation expressions from existing result variables.

To open the Results Equation Plot PropertyManager:
  1. Run a static study.
  2. Right-click Results and click Results Equations.

The Results Equation Plot is available for static, nonlinear static, nonlinear dynamic, linear dynamic, thermal, drop test, submodeling, and pressure vessel studies. You can only combine result parameters from the active study.

Equation Plot Options

  Legend title text Type the legend title of the results equation plot.
You can enter custom units in the legend title text.
  Results Equation Displays the equation that drives the result plot.
  Units Sets the unit system.
  Edit Equation Opens the equation editor.

Select Node Values or Element Values to filter the result parameters.

Click the edit equation box to activate admissible functions, stress, strain, displacement, or thermal variables.


Lists the permissible mathematical functions to use in the equation.

See topicSOLIDWORKS Fundamentals:Equations:Operators, Functions, and Constants for a list of permissible mathematical functions.


Lists allowable stress parameters.


Lists allowable strain parameters.


Available for node values. Lists allowable displacement parameters.


Available for thermal studies. Lists allowable thermal parameters.

Advanced Options

Shell face Available for shells only. Select one the following:


Total stress values (bending + membrane) at the top face. For composite shell, Top refers to top face of selected ply in Ply number under Composite Options.


Total stress values (bending + membrane) at the bottom face. For composite shell, Bottom refers to bottom face of selected ply in Ply number under Composite Options.


Membrane stress component


Bending stress component

  Show plot only on selected entities Generates plots only for the selected entities.

Composite Options

Available only for composite shells.

  Maximum across all plies Considers the maximum stress values of the specified component (envelope plot) across all plies. The program includes the Top and Bottom faces while searching for the extreme value across all plies.
Ply number Selects the ply number to calculate the stress. This option is not available when you select Maximum across all plies.


  Include title text Type a custom title for the plot.
  Associate plot with name view orientation Associates a predefined view orientation with the active plot.
Associate with current view Associates the current view with the active plot.