Identify Neutral Axis PropertyManager

The Identify Neutral Axis tool lets you override the neutral axes of beams automatically selected by the program.

Select Direction

Edge parallel to neutral axis Select an edge of the beam's body that is parallel to the desired orientation of the new neutral axis.
Use this tool in cases where the identification of neutral axes by the software may not be accurate. For example, for short structural members with a length to width ratio < 3.

To modify the direction of a beam's neutral axis:

  1. In a Simulation study, right-click the beam's definition and click Define Beam Neutral Axis.
  2. For Select Direction, in the graphics area select a beam edge that is parallel to the desired orientation of the neutral axis.
    If the edge selection is invalid, a message in the PropertyManager informs you that the beam's section properties are incorrect and prompts you to select a valid edge.
  3. Click .