Invalid Tapered Beams

In the Simulation study tree, right-click a solid body and select Treat as Beam. A tapered beam icon appears in the study tree if the solid body has a taper along its length.

If a solid body does not qualify as a tapered beam, you are warned that treating the body as a tapered beam is not recommended. However, you can approximate the body as a tapered beam. The images show examples of solid bodies not recommended to be treated as tapered beams.

Invalid Beams Reason
Cross section shapes at the ends are different.
The body twists along its length.
One of the end faces is not planar.
Slenderness ratio is less than 10. Slenderness ratio is the ratio of the length of the beam to the largest dimension of its cross-section.
There is a cutout or an irregularity along the length of the beam.
One of the end faces is an edge instead of a face.