Output of Linearized Buckling Analysis

After running a buckling study successfully, you can view:


You can plot displacement components of buckling mode shapes:

UX Displacement in the X-direction
UY Displacement in the Y-direction
UZ Displacement in the Z-direction
URES Resultant displacement (does not use the reference geometry)
Mode shapes illustrate the profile of the mode only (i.e., the displacement of nodes relative to each other). The displacement values are calculated based on various normalization procedures. The software normalizes each mode shape such that {φi}T [KG] {φi} is equal to [I], where {φi} is the vector representing the ith mode shape, {φi}T is its transpose, [KG] is the geometric stiffness matrix, and [I] is the unity matrix..
Deformation You can plot the deformed shape of a particular mode. The corresponding critical load factor of the plotted buckling mode is displayed on the plot.
Report You can create reports for the study.