System Options - Email Notification Settings

Setup the automatic email notification settings to track the solution status of a simulation study.

To setup an automatic email notification to receive emails about the solution status of a simulation study:

  • Click Simulation > Options. On the System Options tab, click Email Notification Settings.
After setting up the automatic email notification settings, you select E-mail when run is completed in the Notification tab of each study Properties dialog box. For Design studies, the Notification options are included in the Design Study Properties PropertyManager.

Mail Settings

  Send from: Defines the default address of the sender which is shown in the From header of the message.
  Send to (Default) Defines the default list of email recipients. Separate the list entries by semicolons (;) or colons (:).
You can modify the list of email recipients after selecting E-mail when run simulation is completed in the Study Properties dialog box or in the Design Study Properties PropertyManager.
  SMTP Server Sets the name of the outgoing email SMTP server. If you do not know the name of your SMTP server, contact your system administrator.
  Port Sets the number of the SMTP server port to connect. The default port value is 25. If you do not know your SMTP Port, contact your system administrator.
  My server requires authentication If you server requires authentication, type your login and password credentials.

Mail Type

  Brief Message The email notification includes a brief message with the solution status of the study (success or failure), and basic information like location of the results folder, solver type, and total solution time.
  Detailed Message The email notification includes the content of a Brief Message with additional information about the mesh and system info (current software version, processor, operating system, etc.)
  Email result plots as JPEG file attachments Available when Detailed Message is selected. The software emails the default result plots in JPEG format as file attachments. When this option is cleared, the result plots are imbedded in the message content.
  Send Email notification when Simulation will complete for all running studies The software sends an email notification to the address of the recipient you entered above when all running studies complete.