System Options - Simulation Sensors

Defines the numerical format of results tracked by simulation sensors.

To specify the numerical format of the results that are listed under the Sensors folder:

  • Click Simulation > Options. On the System Options tab, click Simulation Sensors.

These system settings apply to new and legacy sensor definitions.

Number Format

Scientific Displays the results with scientific format, for example 1.234e+01 psi.
Floating Displays the results with floating point format, for example 12.345 psi.
General Displays the results with either scientific or floating point format based on the range of the results.
Use different number format for small numbers (0.001<|x|<1000) Displays the results in the given range in floating point or general format, when you select the scientific format.
Use 1000 separator (,) Displays the results with a comma (,) as the 1000 separator for floating point or general number formats, for example 9,452.234 psi.