Comparing Test Data With Analysis Results

The software allows you to compare the analysis results such as stress, strain, and displacement with measured values from prototype testing. It also allows you to compare results from different studies such as linear and nonlinear.

  1. Run a number of studies of a type relevant to your reference data. You can define any number of static, nonlinear, thermal, or drop test studies as desired.
  2. Click Simulation > Compare Test Data.
  3. In the Reference Channel Data box, click one the following:
    • Test data if your reference data are based on field measurements.
    • Study results if your reference data are based on a study in the document. If you selected Study results, select a study from the drop down menu.
  4. To add channels manually, click Add or Edit. To import channels from a file, click Import.
  5. In the Compare with study results box, use:
    • and to transfer selected studies from one box to the other.
    • and to transfer all studies from one box to the other.
  6. Click Compare.
    The Table of Comparison lists the comparison results.
  7. Click Save to save the comparison results in Excel File (*.csv) or Plain text File (*.txt) format.
  8. Click Close.