Removing an Installation

You can remove an installation on an individual computer or in a client/server environment.

  1. Make sure that no SOLIDWORKS sessions are active.
  2. If you want to move the SOLIDWORKS license to another computer, deactivate the license to that computer before removing the SOLIDWORKS installation on this computer.
    For more information, see Moving a License.
  3. Open the Windows Control Panel and click Programs and Features.
  4. Select the product component to remove.
    In some cases, you might find multiple SOLIDWORKS Service Pack components for a given major release version. To remove a SOLIDWORKS major release, remove all Service Pack elements for that major release.
  5. On the Uninstall screen:
    1. Select the products to remove. By default, all product components are selected.
    2. Clear the products that you do not want to remove.
    3. Choose whether to perform a custom or complete uninstall. By default, the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager performs a standard uninstall and removes the Program Files and Folders.
      1. Click Change in Advanced Options.

        The Advanced Options screen appears and the Program Files and Folders option is selected

      2. Select one or more options to perform a custom uninstall, or select all options to perform a complete uninstall.
      3. Click Back to Summary.
      4. On the Summary screen, expand Advanced Options to display the uninstall method and entries.
    4. Click Remove Items.