Service Pack Product Update Administration

Service Pack product updates can contain updates for system reliability, program compatibility, security, and so on.

You can acquire product updates in two ways:
  • By using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to check for, download, and install updates.

    You can initiate SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager manually, or schedule it to check periodically for updates.

  • By downloading service packs manually from the SOLIDWORKS support website.

    Service packs are applied as patches to an existing software version. For example, SOLIDWORKS 2022 SP1.0 is a service pack for SOLIDWORKS 2022 SP0.0. You can install these service packs using SOLIDWORKS 2022 Installation Manager; you cannot install them using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager in SOLIDWORKS 2021.

    For instructions on downloading and installing service packs, see the installation documentation for the SOLIDWORKS version you are updating.