Component Options Dialog Box

You can specify options for components in BOMs such as part numbers, child component display, and how quantities are calculated.

To display this dialog box:

Right-click a component in the assembly structure column of a BOM and click Component Options.

Part Number

Specifies how the assembly or part appears in a BOM.
Document Name The part number is the same as the document name.
Configuration Name The part number is the same as the configuration name.
Link to Parent Configuration The part number is the same as the parent configuration name.

For derived configurations only.

User Specified Name The part number is a name that you enter.

Child Component

Assemblies only.

Show Lists child components individually in the BOM, depending on the BOM properties that you selected when you created the BOM.
Hide Lists the subassembly as a single item in the BOM.
Promote Dissolves the assembly's configuration when it appears in a BOM. All of its child components are promoted one level.


Lists the custom properties available to calculate the component's quantity. Quantity is calculated as the value assigned to the custom property multiplied by the number of components.