Material Dialog Box - Appearance Tab

Use the Appearance tab to associate a new color or texture with the selected material. Changing the appearance affects the visual presentation only, not the physical properties of the part.

To display this dialog box:

Open a part, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Material.

Apply appearance of Material-name Applies the visual and physical properties of the selected material. When cleared, applies the physical properties only.
When cleared, this option remains cleared for each additional material you apply, unless re-selected.
Appearance tree On the left side of the tab, select an appearance from the tree. The default preview of the appearance appears in the lower right of the tab.

Available when the selected material is in a custom library.

Custom color controls Specify a new color to apply to the appearance. Changes the primary color of the selected appearance.
  • From the list, select the type of swatch: dull, shiny, standard, transparent, or a custom swatch defined in the Appearances PropertyManager.
  • Select a new color from the color picker.

The swatch at the top right of the tab displays the color that will be used when you click Apply.

Available when the selected material is in a custom library.

Use custom material optical properties Uses the optical properties of the selected color. When cleared, uses the optical properties of the appearance.