Material Dialog Box - Tables & Curves Tab

Use the Tables & Curves tab to define temperature-dependent material properties for linear material models. This tab also allows you to define stress-strain curves and stretch ratio-stress curves for nonlinear material models.

To display this dialog box:

Open a part, right-click Material in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Material.

The Tables & Curves tab is only available when SOLIDWORKS Simulation is added in.


Lists material properties that are allowed to be temperature-dependent. You can specify temperature variation for all material properties available with the selected material model. For nonlinear studies, other types are available depending on the selected material model in the Properties tab:
  • For the Nonlinear Elastic, Plasticity - von Mises, and Plasticity - Tresca material models, you can define a stress-strain curve.
    Some materials in the SOLIDWORKS Materials library have stress-strain curves defined for use with the plasticity and nonlinear elastic models for nonlinear studies. These materials are identified by showing (SS) attached to the end of their names in the list box. The reference for the stress-strain curves is Atlas of Stress-Strain Curves (2nd edition), ASM International .
  • For the HyperElastic Mooney Rivlin and HyperElastic Ogden material models, you can define a curve of stretch-ratio (deformed length/undeformed length) versus nominal stress (force divided by the initial area) based on experimental data from the following types of specimen tests:
    • Simple tension test
    • Planar tension or pure shear
    • Biaxial tension

Table data

Sets the units of the temperature curve and the curve data.
Units Sets the units used in the curve for the temperature (X-axis) and the selected material property (Y-axis). Strain and stretch-ratio are dimensionless.
Curve data table Enter the curve data in the appropriate locations in the table.
You can use copy and paste to populate the table.
File Imports the curve data from a Curve Data Points File (*.dat).
View Displays a graph for the material property variation with temperature.
Delete Deletes the selected data row.


Displays a schematic of the graph as you enter the curve data points.


Saves the custom material to the selected material library file.
If you enter a value, select the units first.