Dimensions Display Options

You can right-click a dimension and select Display Options. The choices available depend on the type of dimension and other factors.

Remove Slant

Center Dimension

When you drag dimension text between the extension lines, the dimension text snaps between the center of the extension lines.

Offset Text

Offsets dimension text from the dimension line using a leader.

Change Plane

Align Ordinate


Re-Jog Ordinate

Show Parentheses

You can display driven (reference) dimensions with or without parentheses. They are displayed with parentheses by default.


Foreshortens linear dimension using zigzag, double arrow, single arrow, or straight style.

Show as Inspection

Vertically Opposite Angle

Changes the angle dimension to its vertically opposite angle.

Angle dimension Vertically opposite angle

Explementary Angle

Changes an angle dimension Xº to its explementary angle 360º - xº.

Angle dimension Explementary angle dimension

Display As Diameter

You can also select a dimension and click Display as Diameter on the context toolbar.

Display As Radius

You can also select a dimension and click Display as Radius on the context toolbar.

Display As Linear

You can also select a dimension and click Display as Linear on the context toolbar.

Link external dim text

If you insert text into a dimension in a drawing, this option inserts the text into the dimension in the part or assembly as well. Right-click the top-level icon in the drawing's FeatureManager design tree and select Link external dim text to allow dimension text to propagate back to the part or assembly.