Update Path for External References

An in-context feature automatically updates when an update path is available in the assembly. If an update path is not available, the update occurs the next time that you open the assembly that contains the update path.

To examine the update paths for the in-context features of an assembly, display the update holders in the FeatureManager design tree by taking one of the following actions:
  • Select an update holder in the tree to highlight the corresponding sketch in the graphics area.
  • Right-click an update holder and click External References to lock, unlock, or break the external references.

To show or hide all update holders:

  1. Right-click the top-level assembly name or icon and click Show Update Holders.
    The update holders appear near the bottom of the tree.

  2. Right-click the top-level assembly name or icon again and click Hide Update Holders.

    The update holders are hidden.

Update Path Example

An assembly contains two components: a mold base and a design component. In the context of the assembly, you create a cavity feature in the mold base, with an external reference to the design component. The update path for the cavity feature is contained in the assembly.

You change the design component and must update the mold base accordingly.

  • If the assembly is open, the cavity feature in the mold base updates automatically when you change the design component.
  • If the assembly is closed, the cavity feature cannot be updated to reflect the changes until you open the assembly. The update path is available when the assembly opens.