The FeatureManager Design Tree in an Assembly

The FeatureManager design tree displays these items for assemblies:

  • Top-level assembly (the first item)
  • Various folders, for example, Annotations and Mates
  • Assembly planes and origin
  • Components (subassemblies and individual parts)
  • Assembly features (cuts or holes) and component patterns
  • Grouped components

You can expand or collapse each component to view its details by clicking beside the component name. To collapse all the items in the tree, right-click anywhere in the tree and select Collapse Items.

You can use the same component multiple times within an assembly. For each occurrence of the component in the assembly, the suffix <n> is incremented.

In the FeatureManager design tree, a component name can have a prefix that provides information about the state of its relationships to other components. The prefixes are:

(-) Under defined
(+) Over defined
(f) Fixed
(?) Not solved

The absence of a prefix indicates that the component’s position is fully defined. See Mate Errors for information about mate symbols and error messages.