Inserting Stacked Balloons

To insert stacked balloons:

  1. Click Stacked Balloon Tool_Stacked_Balloons_Annotation.gif on the Annotation toolbar, or click Insert > Annotations > Stacked Balloon.
    The Stacked Balloon PropertyManager appears and the pointer changes to Pointer_Stacked_Balloon.gif.
  2. Select the point on the component where you want the balloon leader attached, then click again to place the first balloon. (The order in which you select the components determines the order in which the balloons are stacked.)
    When you insert stacked balloons, you must hover over the entity to highlight the entity and to attach the leader. The leader does not appear until you hover over the entity. This way, the leader and highlighted entities do not hinder your view of the model or drawing view. Video: Balloons with Auto Leaders
    The leader and first balloon appear.
  3. Continue to select components.
    A balloon is added to the stack for each component selected. As you add the stacked balloons, you can select the stack direction in the PropertyManager (Up PM_stack_up.gif, Down PM_stack_down.gif, Left PM_stack_left.gif, Right ). Each balloon is a separate note that you can select to delete or edit.
  4. Click PM_OK.gif to close the PropertyManager.