Stacked Balloons

Stacked balloons combine multiple balloons on a single leader. The balloons are stacked each time you select a component. You can stack the balloons vertically or horizontally. You can insert stacked balloons in drawings of assemblies and in assembly documents.

  • To import balloons from an assembly document into a drawing view:

    1. Click Insert > Model Items.
    2. In the Model Items PropertyManager, under Annotations, select Notes.
  • To set default stacked balloon properties:

    1. With a drawing open, click Options (Standard toolbar).
    2. Select the Document Properties tab, and select Annotations > Balloons.
    3. Under Stacked balloons, set:
      • Style
      • Size
    4. Under Text, choose one of the following for the balloon contents:
      • Text
      • Item Number
      • Quantity
      • Custom Properties
      You can override these settings in the PropertyManager.
  • You can insert a stacked balloon without selecting a component, so you can annotate an item that is part of an assembly, but not actually modeled, such as glue or liquid.
  • You can order balloons sequentially.
Balloons display an asterisk (*) if:
  • A component is set to Exclude from bill of materials in the Component Properties dialog box.

    - or -

  • The drawing view is set to Link balloon text to specified table in the Drawing View Properties dialog box and the component is not in the configuration displayed in the BOM.

If you change the Item Number in a stacked balloon, the item number in the bill of materials also changes.

  • To change an Item Number in an table-based BOM, clear Do not change item numbers order_sequentially.png Button in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager. To return to assembly order after changing item numbers, click Follow assembly order PM_BOM_Assembly_Order.gif.
  • To change an Item Number in an Excel-based BOM, you must clear the Row numbers follow assembly ordering check box on the Control tab of the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box. If the check box is selected (default), a message appears stating that the item number cannot be changed.