Combining Like Items in BOMs

You can combine like items in bills of materials (BOMs) by right-clicking an item and selecting Combine Identical Components. Alternatively, drag an item to the same hierarchical structure of another like item to combine the two like items.

To combine like items in a BOM:

  1. Click the left side of the BOM table to display the assembly structure column in the BOM if it is hidden.
  2. Right-click one or more selected cells in the assembly structure column of a subassembly , part , or weldment that appears more than once in the BOM.
    The Combine Identical Components option is available in the Indented BOM type.
  3. Select Combine Identical Components.

    When two or more components have the same name in an assembly or subassembly, this option combines them in the BOM and updates the quantity.
    To undo, right-click the cell for the combined assembly structure items and clear Combine Identical Components.