Adding and Modifying Features

In the Modify Configurations and the Configuration Table dialog boxes, you can add and delete items to be configured. You can also rename features and sketches.

  1. Double-click items like features and sketches in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree to add their configurable parameters to the table.
    • After adding an item, you can control which of its parameters appear in the table. See Adding and Modifying Parameters.
    • In the Modify Configurations dialog box, you can add a column for every configured parameter in the model at once by clicking All Parameters at the bottom of the dialog box.
    • Linked dimensions are grouped in a column labeled Linked Dimension instead of appearing in columns for individual features. Each linked dimension appears in the list only once, even if it is used in several features.
  2. To remove an item from the table, right-click its column header and click Delete.
    The item is removed from the table. It remains unchanged in the model.
  3. In the Configuration Table dialog box, to prevent edits to the parameter, right-click the column heading and click Block model edits.
    When you block edits, the column displays in a different color.
  4. To rename a feature or sketch:
    1. Right-click the name in the column header and click Rename.

    2. Enter a name.
      The name changes in the dialog box.
    3. Click Apply.
      The name updates in the FeatureManager design tree.