Modify Configurations

You can use the Modify Configurations and the Configuration Table dialog boxes to create and modify configurations for configured parameters in parts and assemblies.

The Configuration Table dialog box is a table view of configured parameters that does not require Microsoft Excel integration.

Alternatively, you can create and modify configurations manually or with a design table.


You can perform the following operations:
  • Add, delete, and rename configurations
  • Create, edit, and delete configuration-specific custom properties
  • Rename features and dimensions
  • Unconfigure parameters
In parts, you can configure:
  • Dimensions of features and sketches
  • Suppression states of features and sketches
  • Material
  • Custom properties
In assemblies, you can configure:
  • Component configurations to use
  • Dimensions of assembly features and mates
  • Suppression states of components, assembly features, and mates
  • Fixed and float states of components
  • Custom properties

Working with the Table

You can manipulate the table to:
  • Add and remove feature parameters
  • Change the active configuration
  • Rearrange columns in the Modify Configurations dialog box
You can name and save multiple views of the table for future reference and editing.
Tables are saved in the Tables folder in the ConfigurationManager tab.