TolAnalyst Overview

TolAnalyst™ is a tolerance analysis tool used to study the effects tolerances and assembly methods have on dimensional stack-up between two features of an assembly. The result of each study is a minimum and maximum tolerance stack, a minimum and maximum root sum squared (RSS) tolerance stack, and a list of contributing features and tolerances.

To set the color of TolAnalyst dimensions, click Tools > Options > System Options > Colors . Under Color scheme settings, select Annotations > TolAnalyst Dimension .

TolAnalyst Study

TolAnalyst performs a tolerance analysis called a study, which you create using a four-step procedure:
  1. Measurement. Establish the measurement, which is a linear distance between two DimXpert features.
  2. Assembly Sequence. Select the ordered set of parts to establish a tolerance chain between the two measurement features. The selected parts form the “simplified assembly”.
  3. Assembly Constraints. Define how each part is placed or constrained into the simplified assembly.
  4. Analysis Results. Evaluate and review the minimum and maximum worst case tolerance stacks.