Configuration Table

You can use Configuration Table to modify configuration parameters for parts and assemblies. SOLIDWORKS creates this table automatically when the part or assembly has multiple configurations. The configuration table extends the functionality provided in the Modify Configurations dialog box.

The configuration table contains the following sections:
Sketches and Features Feature dimension values and suppression states.
Components Component suppression states and referenced configuration.

Assemblies only.

Custom Properties Configuration-specific custom properties.
Parameters Parameters applied to the configuration.
The Configuration Table dialog box includes options from the Modify Configuration dialog box and these options:
Hide/Show Sketches and Features Controls the visibility of columns that contain suppression states, and sketch and feature dimensions.
Hide/Show Components Controls the visibility of columns that contain component configurations, fix/float states, and suppression states.
Hide/Show Configuration Parameters Controls the visibility of columns that contain configuration parameters.
  Block model edits

Prevents updates to the model. To select this option, right-click a column header.

When you block edits, the column displays in a different color. To change this color, click Tools > Options > System Options > Colors. Modify the Dimensions, Controlled by Design Table color setting.

In the graphics area, dimensions that are blocked for editing appear in the same color.

You can modify the following parameters:
Suppress new features Parts only.
Suppress new features and mates Assemblies only.
Suppress new components  
Fix / Float Assemblies only.
Child components in BOM Configures the setting for Child component display when used as a subassembly in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager.

Select Show, Hide, or Promote.

Exclude from BOM on Insert Configures the setting for Set 'Exclude from bill of materials' when inserted into assembly in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager.

Design Table is renamed to Excel Design Table.

To enable configuration tables:
  1. Click Options > Tools > System Options > General.
  2. Select Create configuration tables on open.
    Using this option can affect performance.
To access a configuration table:
  1. Open an assembly that has multiple configurations and click the ConfigurationManager tab.
  2. Expand Tables .
  3. Right-click Configuration Table and click Show Table.