Improved SOLIDWORKS Electrical Client Installation

The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager makes it more apparent if you are installing the Client only or if you are including Server components for SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

This helps organizations that share SOLIDWORKS Electrical data and databases on a server instead of on individual machines. For this case, administrators install Server components once on a server and install the Client only on all machines running SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Updates include:
  • The Summary page of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager identifies if you are installing a Client Only or if you are including Server components.
  • The SQL Server options display only the options that are appropriate for a Client only installation.
  • When the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager cannot connect to the existing SQL Server, a warning displays, but the installation continues.
    You can connect to the SQL Server later in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.
  • The Client and Server options for installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical are also available in the Administrative Image Option Editor.