General Usability

The user interface is enhanced to improve productivity.

Enhancement User Interface
In Tools > Options > System Options > Import, tooltips provide more information. Hover over to display the information.
When you drag a non-SOLIDWORKS file into a part file, a persistent tooltip prompts you to hold the Alt key to access the Import Options dialog box for the file type. Drop the file to open the dialog box.
When you import mesh models with the File Format of STL/OBJ/OFF/PLY/PLY2, the appropriate CommandManager tab opens. If you import mesh models as solid bodies or surface bodies, the Data Migration CommandManager tab appears. If you import mesh files as graphics bodies, the Mesh Modeling CommandManager tab appears.

If the tabs do not automatically appear, a notification prompts you to use the appropriate tab to edit the imported model.

In Tools > Options > System Options > Import, text alerts you that the options Automatically perform import diagnostics - healing and Perform full entity check and repair errors do not apply to STL files.
The DXF/DWG Import dialog box displays the options in a more visible location and has an improved user interface.
When you import a drawing into a part file, a tooltip points out the 2D to 3D toolbar. The tooltip disappears when you click in the graphics area.
On the Align toolbar, a tooltip indicates when selected entities are aligned. Previously, there was no indication. This helps you align 2D files that you import and use as references to create 3D geometry.
You can add comments to selection sets and they appear in the Comments folder in the FeatureManager® design tree.
In group boxes of PropertyManagers, you can select entities, right-click, and save them to selection sets.