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This page describes recent changes in Composer.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2023

Creating View Collections

You can create view collections in the Views pane.
Benefits: Collections help you organize and categorize views so that you can easily manage them.
For more information, see View Collections and Views Pane.

Accessing Online Help for SOLIDWORKS Composer

You can now access the online help for SOLIDWORKS Composer. Select Use Web Help to access the online help. Clear it to access the local help.
Benefits: You can choose between accessing the online help or local help for SOLIDWORKS Composer. Previously, only local help was available.
For more information, see Help Menu.

Player Documentation No Longer Bundled in Composer Packages

When the active Composer document is saved as an auto-executable package (.exe file), the Player documentation is no longer bundled in the package.
The Player documentation portal was formerly bundled in the auto-executable package. This is no longer the case.The Player documentation is now accessed online, from the Player.
Benefits: The executable file size is reduced, and the documentation benefits from the architectural enhancements provided by the new server-based architecture.
For more information, see About Composer File Types, Save Package As, and Send by E-mail.

Supported Import Formats

SOLIDWORKS Composer supports higher versions of several import formats.
Benefits: We are providing extended support for commonly used newer formats.
For more information, see About Supported Import Formats.

Support of Meta-Properties from Pro/E Creo and STEP Files

You can now import meta-properties from Pro/E Creo (*.prt, *.asm), and STEP (*.stp, *.step) files.
Meta-properties are user-defined attributes such as part number (P/N), designation, and revision number. They appear as user properties of the string type in the Properties pane.
Benefits: We are offering support for meta-properties from additional file types.
For more information, see Import.

Removal of Use Composer Player 64-bit version Package Output Option

The Use Composer Player 64-bit version option is removed from the Package options in (Default) Document Properties > Output .
Benefits: This option is rendered useless by the removal of support for 32-bit components. Output package files now always include 64-bit versions.
For more information, see Output.

Removal of Capabilities to Manage Data from ENOVIA 3DLive

It is no longer possible to import and update models from an ENOVIA 3DLive session.
The Import from 3DLive and Update from 3DLive commands are removed from the File menu.

The ENOVIA 3DLive > Import and ENOVIA 3DLive > Open in ENOVIA 3DLive right-click commands are removed from the Assembly pane.

Benefits: ENOVIA 3DLive offers only limited maintenance and support, therefore we are removing this capability to avoid potential issues.

Removal of SVGZ Support

In the Technical Illustration workshop, you can no longer select SVGZ as the format for saving vector images. The SVG format is still available.
Tip: If the SVG file is too large, you can convert it into the SVGZ compressed format using a standard file compression tool.
Benefits: We are simplifying the selection of vector image output formats.
For more information, see Technical Illustration Workshop.

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