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Clipping References and Blocks

You can display only part of a Reference (a Referenced drawing file) or a Block. The entity is clipped at a boundary you create or specify.

You can create one clipping boundary per Reference or Block.

To clip References or Blocks:

  1. Click Modify > Clip > Reference (or type ClipReference).
  2. Specify the References or Blocks to which you want to apply a clipping boundary, and press Enter.
  3. Specify an option:
    • Boundary: Creates a new clipping boundary. If a clipping boundary already exists for the Reference or Block, you are prompted to delete the old boundary. Specify options:
      • Invert clip: Lets you invert the display of the clipping boundary. Use the option to display the entities outside the boundary or to return to the previous mode.
      • Polygonal: Lets you define an irregular polygonal shape as clipping boundary by specifying points.
      • Rectangular: Lets you define a rectangular clipping boundary by specifying two opposite points.
      • Select polyline: Lets you select an existing PolyLine to serve as clipping boundary. Arc segments are decurved.
    • Clip depth (used for 3D clipped References or Blocks): Sets the front and back planes parallel to the clipping boundary. You select the planes by specifying clip points. Use inferencing to select geometry. Specify options:
      • Distance: Uses specified distances from the clipping boundary to create the front and back planes.
      • Remove: Removes the clipping planes.
    • Delete: Removes the clipping boundary.
    • Off: Turns the clipping boundary off to display the Reference or Block entirely. The clipping boundary is retained so you can activate it again.
    • On: Turns the clipping boundary on to display only the portion of the Reference or Block inside the clipping boundary.
    • Polyline: Creates a PolyLine from the clipping boundary you created before (using the Rectangle and Polygonal options).


Command: ClipReference

Menu: Modify > Clip > Reference

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