Computed BOMs

Computed BOMs list the components and subassemblies in a SOLIDWORKS assembly or drawing.

BOMs are recalculated each time you view them. If you check in a changed assembly or select a different version or configuration, the computed BOM is updated when you view it.

Computed BOMs reflect exclusions you make in SOLIDWORKS files. Components marked as Exclude from bill of materials and child components excluded from subassemblies do not appear.

You can check out selected items that are listed in a computed BOM and modify data values for these items. The computed BOM is updated when you check in the assembly document. If you edit properties or quantities in a computed BOM, the BOM is updated when you save it.

However, you cannot:

  • Add items to a computed BOM.
  • Check in or check out computed BOMs.
  • Use computed BOMs in a workflow.

Access rights assigned by your administrator determine whether you can view a computed BOM.