Opening Indented BOMs in Excel

You can open a computed BOM or saved BOM directly in Excel.

If the BOM you are viewing is displayed with an indented structure, you can preserve the indented structure by choosing to add a column to the spreadsheet. The added column contains a numerical representation of the BOM's levels.

To open a BOM in Excel and preserve the indented structure:

  1. If the BOM is a computed BOM, in the left column, expand the second control and click Indented.
    The display of named BOMs is always indented.
  2. Click Open As CSV File BOM_UI_Open_as_CSV_file.
  3. When prompted to create a Level column in the CSV file, click Yes.
    A Level column, with numerical values representing the BOM structure, appears as the first column in the spreadsheet. You can use the column to sort the exported BOM.