Ready to Upgrade Files

If you have selected to overwrite files, a screen message estimates the amount of free disk space that is required on the archive server to back up the overwritten files. Ensure that enough space is available.

The summary of the file versions to upgrade appears. The summary includes:

  • Total number of SOLIDWORKS versions to update.
  • Number of SOLIDWORKS part file versions.
  • Number of SOLIDWORKS drawing file versions.
  • Number of SOLIDWORKS assemblies file versions.
  • Work instruction file names.
  • Number of files in each work instruction file.

To perform the upgrade:

  1. Optional: Click View Files to see a list of files that will be upgraded.
    Each Batch in the list represents the files in a work instruction file.
  2. Click Continue to upgrade the files.
  3. Optional: Click Monitor to see the upgrade progress.
  4. When a completion message appears, click OK.
    The list of the upgrade activities that have taken place on this computer appears. To see a log of the upgrade, click the link to the \Logs directory.
  5. Click Exit.