Search Files to Upgrade

Specify the files to upgrade. The default option selects all files for upgrade.

If multiple assemblies reference the same parts, upgrade all assemblies and parts at the same time. Otherwise, some assemblies that have not been upgraded might reference parts that have been upgraded.
Files of type Select one:
<All SW file types> All SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings
*.sldprt All parts
*.sldasm All assemblies and the parts and subassemblies they reference
*.slddrw All drawings and the assemblies and parts they reference
Look in Click Add to select specific folders within the vault. If you do not select specific folders, all SOLIDWORKS files in the selected vault are upgraded. To remove a specific folder from the list of added folders, click Remove.

Select Include subfolders to upgrade the contents of all subfolders in the selected vault or folder. You must select Include subfolders if you do not specify a folder within the vault. If you do not, no files are converted.

State Select <All states> to upgrade files regardless of their state, or select a specific state to upgrade only files that are in that state.
Variables Select from variables defined for the vault and enter a value. The only files that are selected for upgrade are those that use the variable in their data cards and have the specified value.

If you specify multiple variables, files are selected for upgrade only if all variables match.