Measurements Input

On the Measurements Input page, you can record the actual measurement values from part inspections and graphically compare the measured values with the expected values. Measurements Input is available in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional.

To access this dialog box, click Home (ribbon) and click Options > Measurements Input.

The expected values and the measured values are color coded to show if the dimensions are within tolerance, out of tolerance, or marginally within tolerance.

When you turn on Measurements Input in a project, the capture regions for each extracted dimension or note are highlighted in the Unspecified color in Measurements Input options. In the Table Manager, on the Characteristics tab, in the Measurements Input table, you enter actual measurement values.


Marginal Pass  
Multiple Measurement Display  
Ignore Basic and Reference Dimension Measurements  

Non-Variable Measurement Values

Pass Value  
Marginal Pass Value  
Fail Value  


Color Settings  
Multiple Measurement Display