OCR Editor

The OCR engine uses dictionaries to extract and interpret information from PDF and TIFF files. You can use the OCR Editor to create custom dictionaries to read drawings if the drawing's font is not supported by default font dictionaries.

Although the OCR performs well with good quality drawings, accuracy can decrease with low resolution, unrecognized fonts, or scanned documents.

To access the OCR Editor, click File > OCR Editor.

The OCR Editor window has four sections: Ribbon, Extraction pane, File pane, and Box Characteristics pane.


Extract Lets you box select characters in the document for extraction.

The cursor changes to crosshairs.

Auto Extract Automatically box selects multiple characters and attempts to recognize them.

You can modify incorrect values.

Add Drawing Opens an existing dictionary for a PDF or TIFF file. SOLIDWORKS Inspection loads the existing dictionary with previously captured characters.
Remove Drawing Closes the PDF or TIFF file.
Rotate Clockwise  
Rotate Counterclockwise  
Fit Width Zooms the file to fit to the window width.
Fit Height Zooms the file to fit to the window height.
Fit Page Zooms the file to fit to the window.
Zoom to 100%  
Zoom In  
Zoom Out  
Zoom to Area  

Extraction Pane

In the Extraction pane, you specify the values for selected characters in the file pane.

Value Specifies the corresponding value for the character you selected in the file pane. Click Insert Symbol to assign a symbol to the character.

For example, if you select the character, D, in the file pane, enter D for Value.

Left, Bottom, Right, Top Defines the capture zone for the character size.
, , , Scrolls through the characteristics in the font dictionary.

File Pane

The File pane contains the PDF or TIFF file from which you extract data.

Box Characteristics Pane

The Box Characteristics pane lists the items you extracted.