Comparing Drawings

If you receive a revised drawing for a previously-created inspection project, you can compare the new drawing to the existing SOLIDWORKS Inspection project.

To compare drawings:

  1. Open the existing project that uses the previous drawing revision.
  2. Click Compare (Document ribbon).
  3. In the dialog box, open the revised drawing.

    If the drawings are different sizes, you can drag or align the drawings.

    The drawings are compared. New dimensions are green and deleted dimensions are red.
  4. In the Properties/Preferences PropertyManger, on the Compare Drawing tab, use the following tools as required:
    • Change drawing . Opens another drawing to compare.
    • Export. Saves the comparison as a PDF.
    • Replace . Replaces the existing drawing with the revised drawing.
    • Reset. Begins a new comparison.
    • Close . Closes the comparison and returns to the project.